Hrapson- Anti Snoring Solution for Snore Relief
Do you suffer from snoring and want to learn more about how to get rid of snoring? The Danish company TannerMedico A/S created the nasal spray Hrapson - one of the most effective remedies against snoring. Hrapson is one of the best products on the European market, as well as the USA and Canada, to solving the problem of snoring. Winner and clinically proven solution from snoring Hrapson is rated as one of the best methods in the world against snoring. Hrapson moisturizes and softens the mucous membrane and slightly tightens the muscles of the throat. This means that the breath will be free and the sleeping person will not snore. Use Hrapson every night and forget about snoring!
About Product
Hrapson contains: Sodium chloride, glycerol, polysorbate 80, edetate sodium, potassium sorbate and purified water.
Application: Hrapson must be used every night before bed. Throw back your head, preferably lying down, and inject the spray 4-6 times into each nostril. You should feel fluid getting into the back of your throat.
Packing: Nasal spray Hrapson 30 ml.
CE-marked in conformity with the EEC Directive 93/42/EEC.
About Us
The aim of TannerMedico A/S is to help you sleep well, breathe easier and live healthier. We truly believe that any good treatment is aimed at eliminating the root cause, not just the symptoms. We are a Scandinavian company with corporate headquarters located at DTU Science Park in the north of Copenhagen. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Denmark, Spain and Germany and meet high GMP standards. Our authorized representative on the territory of Ukraine is the «Medical Company «Medicus» Ltd.
This product seemed to work so well that I’m buying another bottle! My husband hasn’t woke me up in the middle of the night from his snoring in weeks! This stuff is great!
J. Cheramie(USA)
I would like to congratulate you for making such a wonderful product as “Храпсон” available in the Australian market. After establishing a new relationship with my partner, I discovered that I have a bad snoring problem. As my partner is such a light sleeper, she found that most nights would result in either very broken sleep or having to relocate to another bedroom. This was becoming very frustrating for both of us, so I had to quickly search for a cure to the problem. Firstly, I tried all of the basic remedies like changing positions of sleep, all without success. I then researched several “high success” products such as (a) “Mouth guard” devices and (b) Nostril dilators, all with very limited or no success. I always found such products to be uncomfortable, inconvenient and usually became dislodged throughout the night. Even when I did manage to cope with them, they didn’t really work properly and also resulted in me having very disturbed broken sleep. After becoming so frustrated with these remedies, I visited my doctor to obtain a referral to an “Ear, Nose & Throat” specialist with a view to consider surgery to fix the problem. As part of that process, I had to go to hospital to have a “sleep study” done in preparation for seeing the specialist surgeon. I was also warned that this process would turn out to not only be expensive and painful but there were also limited chances of success. I was however willing to go through with it in order to maintain a healthy relationship with my partner and sound sleep for both of us! Just prior to visiting the surgeon, I came across the “Храпсон” product on the internet and decided to give it a go. It sounded promising and I thought what have I got to lose. Well, I am pleased to report that the product worked from the very first night. The use of the product is convenient and simple. Both my partner and I are now enjoying sound sleep and I won’t be going down the drastic surgery path any more. I cannot speak highly enough about your product – it has been a relationship saver!
Mark T (Australia)
Храпсон, it works for me, however my wife was not happy to have to acknowledge that it was her that rattled the most because I sleep like a baby with no sound, we now both use it, great sleeps.
Dave V. (New Zealand)
The best product I have tried, my sleep has improved and I’m much more rested
Benny J. (Denmark)
I considered separate bedrooms and consulting a doctor, saw the advert and tried the product as a last resort. It has been a great purchase, benefiting the whole family.
Per J. (Denmark)
I was so impressed when I tried it for the first time. I can now breathe much easier and do not snore anymore.
Carina B. (Scandinavia)
THANK YOU Храпсон! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! Could you please pass on to whomever it concerns that I am so very happy with the product Храпсон! It really works!!!!!!! My husband was a big snorer and I would lose a lot of sleep. I made him go out and buy some and it has made such a difference. Many products claim to work but this one really does.
JackieR. (Australia)
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